About Homeopathy

“The highest ideal in Medicine is the safe, rapid and gentle elimination of symptoms and the restoration of health”
Dr Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy

What do Usain Bolt, David Beckham, the German national football team, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Pamela Anderson have in common? They are all fans of Homeopathic Medicine. The majority of people who seek homeopathic help, do so after their health problem failed to respond to other conventional methods. This is what people tell me again and again in my clinic.

Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and non-addictive form of medicine which works by stimulating the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Its main action is to strengthen your immune system, thus making one less susceptible to illness and environmental influences; consequently you don’t have to keep taking medicines indefinitely.

Developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago, and supported by a considerable body of research and clinical application, homeopathy recognises that symptoms of ill-health are expressions of imbalance within the whole person, therefore treatment is individually and specifically tailored to your own specific needs. It was introduced in the U.K. by Dr  F.H.F. Quin in 1828 and has been used extensively by the British Royal Family. It has also been an integral part of the National Health Service (NHS) since 1948.

The World Health Organisation estimated that there were more than half a billion users of Homeopathy worldwide, with over 300 million users in Europe alone. Homeopathy is widely used in most European countries, in India, Asia and South America. This makes Homeopathy the second most used form of medicine in the world. (WHO 2010).

Remedies made from natural substances (mainly from plants and minerals), work with the body’s energy to restore the whole person to a state of health and well-being. Homeopathy uses very small doses of natural medicines which have been carefully and specially prepared to be used safely and without toxic effects.

Most remedies are given in the form of tablets which have a pleasant taste. Sometimes liquids are prescribed too. Remedies are chewed and dissolved in the mouth. For babies and small children, soft tablets or powders are provided which dissolve instantly in the mouth. Homeopathy does not interfere with other forms of treatment, and you are always encouraged to continue with any other forms of treatment and medications.

What Can Homeopathy do?

People often consult a homeopath because their health problem has not responded to other forms of treatment. After the repeated use of antibiotics, steroids, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, pain killers or statins, many people feel that they need to try a different way. Being holistic in approach, homeopathy will take into account everything that is out of balance with the person, physically emotionally and mentally.

Homeopathy has no toxic side-effects therefore it is widely used for babies and children, as well as for problems during pregnancy, and for the elderly too. It can be used safely alongside other healing modalities including conventional medicine. Homeopathy has been used successfully for infants, small children, animals, plants, and in laboratory experiments.

Homeopathy has never been so popular as it is nowadays, and millions of people use it worldwide. 15% of the Uk population  have said that they use it for its health benefits (www.findahomeopath.org.uk).

Homeopathy is also good to boost your immune system before the winter months or before pregnancy, and it can be used alongside conventional therapies.

Your first appointment will last approximately one and half hours. You will be asked questions about your medical history and illnesses running in your family, as well as personal questions about your personality, food preferences, sleep, worries etc. This information is kept confidential and helps to build up a picture of the influences on your health. Further appointments will take approx. 40 – 50 minutes. Patients are seen every 3 – 6 weeks until the condition has resolved and health is restored. However, you are free to decide how long you wish to continue with treatment. You are always encouraged to keep in touch with your General Practitioner and to continue with any prescribed medications. Many of my clients report that their GPs are supportive of homeopathy. The Faculty of Homeopathy has a list of all GPs who are also trained in homeopathy. I regularly get referrals for Homeopathy from GPs from around the area where I practise.

Some recent research:

Dr Gustavo Bracho, Cuba – homeopathy for Leptospirosis & other epidemics
David Eyles, UK – homeopathy to reduce distress in lambs
Prof Jurgen Pannek, Switz. – homeopathy for urinary infections
Dr Stephan Baumgartner, Switz. – testing homeopathic medicines on plants
Dr Peter Fisher, UK – laboratory studies relevant to rheumatoid arthritis
Alastair Gray, Australia – modern ‘provings’ testing new homeopathic medicines  



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Private Medical Insurance & Homeopathy Under the NHS
Approved Private Medical Insurance Companies

Grace DaSilva-Hill is recognized by the following list of Private Medical Insurance Companies. This means that if you have a policy with any of them you may be entitled to have the full or partial cost of your treatment reimbursed. Please contact the companies directly for details of their policies: BCWA, Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund, Foresters Health Shield, Healthsure, HSA, LHF, Norwich Union Health Insurance, Patient Aid Association, QUINN-healthcare, Simply Health, Totally Active, Westfield Health Scheme.

If your private medical insurance is not listed here, you may still be entitled to some funding for your treatment. Please contact me directly with the name of your insurer.

Homeopathy under the NHS

Many European countries cover or use homeopathy as part of their public health policy. This includes France, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba, India and South Africa, just to name a varied few. The NHS has a long tradition of funding homeopathy (since 1948), and this is now under threat. If you feel that some of your tax-money would be best used to fund your treatment, then you could write to your GP or your local MP.
To find out who your local MP is, check: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/

Pet Insurance and Homeopathy – many pet insurance policies cover animals for the use of Homeopathy.


On February 22nd 2010 the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee published an ‘evidence check’ report on homeopathy.

The main purpose of the committee’s work leading up to the report had been to investigate government spending on homeopathy through the National Health Service (NHS) and the licensing of homeopathic products through the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The report, approved by only three of the committee members, was largely negative towards homeopathy, and has been referred to extensively by anti-homeopathy campaigners. However, many Members of Parliament and the Governments’ Department of Health itself expressed serious concerns about both the approach taken and the recommendations made in the report. Most importantly, the current Government itself rejected the recommendations of the report and endorsed a patient’s right to continue to have access to homeopathy on the NHS.

It is important that the full truth about this report is made available to the public. An independent critique written by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley concluded that the committee’s report was “an unreliable source of evidence about homeopathy”.

Indeed, contrary to the report’s rhetoric, homeopathy is…

A long-trusted and widely used method of treatment – Homeopathy has been safely used for over 200 years and is a widely used and recognised form of medical treatment across the EU, India, South America and Canada.
Not simply the placebo effect – there is clear evidence that homeopathy works, including the ‘gold standard’ of evidence: Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) and systematic reviews
The patient’s right to choose – as the Government’s response to the committee’s report reflects, removing homeopathy from the NHS would deny many patients access to a form of treatment they have found beneficial, often when conventional medicine has failed. Please contact me direct if you need further information.

What they are saying:

“Grace has been our family homeopath for over 15 years and I trust her implicitly. Not only has she used her knowledge to treat us, she has passed that knowledge on so I can now treat my family without having to consult her each time”. K.H., Streatham SW London

“Grace’s Homeopathic knowledge and skills are astounding. My ongoing health issues had been unresolved and overlooked by the medical professionals for two years and I was beginning to lose hope. Grace’s ‘thorough’ consultation and homeopathic remedies, have given me back my health and wellness on all levels. Thank you.” JW, Kent.

“Thank you for another really useful homeopathy session. Your various healing skills have made such a positive difference to my life, and I am really grateful.” J.F. Canterbury.

“I first met Grace in her homeopathy practice, as a patient.  I was very impressed by Grace’s conscious, empathetic and professional approach – not only she treated me and my children, she also became part of our support network.
Soon I became one of Grace’s students – she is not only a great homeopath, she is also a very inspirational teacher. I’m very grateful to Grace, and to her contribution to my development, both personal and professional”. C.D., S. London