“Life is not just being alive, but being well. Remember that health is contagious as well as disease”.

Greetings, Welcome to my Website.

I work with the belief that optimum health and well-being involves balancing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the person, for we are whole beings, and not made of parts.

Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal, given the appropriate resources. You can help with this process by eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, do some relaxation, resolve past emotional baggage, learn to love yourself and forgive those who may have caused you hurt in the past.

Dis-ease can develop gradually over a period of time, and likewise it can take a while to restore the body back to health.

I hope that through Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Energetic Flower Essences, I will be able to help you along your healing journey to fitness and to remain happy and healthy. I developed an interest in Homeopathy after my severe hay fever was cleared completely never to return. I felt stronger, healthier, happier, and did not have to rely on anti-histamines anymore.

As a registered practitioner, my aim is to provide a quality service in a caring, professional and empathetic manner. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds, to help them to achieve their desired health aims. 10% of the practice is dedicated to supporting the unwaged and people on low incomes.